Say Whaddup (single)


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first single off Color Commentary


we keep it low-key like the keys on the left side
if you didn't get it just appreciate the next rhyme
theres more to a girl than her ass and her breast size
is her persona, coronas or a glass of red wine?

i like girls that are borderline hipsters
i like girls that post porcupine pictures
meditate feelin hella great let the bic burn
i like to hang outside like an inchworm

i like flowers i like trees, i like sour i like sweet
lets play mario kart i'll be bowser you'll be peach
I'm not depressed but if i was i would be manic
without the lows .. i just made the beat vanish

I'm drunk look what this can did .. i'm candid
I'm ghandi turning the cheek getting backhanded
people can be evil, they also can be decent
so just have a bagel .. i'll go grab a table

when you see me in the streets just say whaddup
but if you actin like a bitch ima say shut up
hey hey hey hey hey .. let's go play
in the sun wit a blunt a forty a j (hook x2)

playin N64 on the big screen
yeah I'm twenty one but i'm still on my kid steez
when the suns setting that is mother nature undressing
i keep my puns deadly .. she just strip teased

or shall i say strip trees, i rock sick tees
kick frees tipsy wit ease bitch please
I'm in the big leagues .. I been on the thrift scene
before thrifting was the hit thing

people be afraid so they gotta jump the band wagon
i made my own band and got my own wagon
no matter what the trends is i got my own fashion
i don't condone all of these clones .. they're so average

ima soul clapper a rock n roll rapper
something from the sixty's .. i got a old swagger
before swagger was swag .. before rappers were bad
when most music wasn't stupid and actually rad

(hook x2)


released 15 June 2013



all rights reserved


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