Flamingos (prod. BluntOne)

from by Granata



you the smoke of my cig i’m the steam of your coffee
i love bein with an artist because you dream and you draw me
we either listen to bb king or watch bob ross
when i’m bed with you, you make me feel like a mob boss

my body surfs through the waves of your hair
you misbehave, you’re a rave, you got flavor and flair
it all started out when i gave you the stare
this is shaping up to be one of my favorite affairs

you ran off but came back with a fire fly
love is a drug i’m always searchin for a higher high
in the park, we french kiss on the benches
massaging my temples and manipulation my senses

not thinkin bout the exit, in life’s left lane
hit up coney island swiggin whiskey on the F train
i can tell that it’s more than just the sex thing
we know what we got there’s no need to explain

got my tongue in ya mouth while i’m flickin your bean
you and your dirty thoughts i’m just lickin em clean
most of the time we’re doin nothin but we’re naked
i don’t what this is but its somethin and it’s sacred

we didn’t do a lot today
we stayed in the cave tomorrow we’ll go to Rockaway
layin in bed, blowin off plans
fingerin you on the subway while i’m holdin your hand

fine gypsy, wine typsy
69 in the year 1960
summer in New York of course we gettin sweaty
on the roof with a loofa, rain feel like confetti

a couple romantics sharin the same spaghetti
drinkin beers by the pier feet danglin off the jetty
my tongue ticklin your clitoris
that thang tastes like licorice


honey in your eyes
sun on your skin
flamingos in your lips
rain up in your kiss
when you lick me with your tongue, it makes my eyes roll back
you’re full of colors, my soul is full of black


from Love Magnets, released May 22, 2017




Granata Brooklyn, New York

old man on a porch

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