Girl, You're My Garden (prod. BluntOne)

from by Granata



i treat most women like garbage
i’m sure that you already know
but baby girl you are my garden
i’ll shed a tear just to see you grow

i’m ashamed of what I’ve done to them
but all that matters is you
i don’t mind being lonely
because it gives me something to do

i just got blown off by a lady
but i don’t think she did me wrong
because i don’t want it it’s not my baby
and now we have this song

you didn’t try to change the way i was
you just fell in love with what you saw
we don’t let nothing gets between us
i’ve only been inside you raw

i love telling you my stories and reciting my poems
i share my shelter witcha, i consider you home
i was thought less and you brought bliss to my bleak
i make you laugh i have to see the chubby in your cheeks

i thought i was made of steel
but i’m a human made of flesh i’m not afraid to feel
i walk barefoot on your soul
observing your dimples, your special freckle and every mole

you cut it off, i agreed
we had to feel what it felt like to make each other bleed
i don’t pick and choose if it’s you i want all of it
i’ll never be able to call it quits

cause why would i? i could cry
you cracked my evil shell and underneath was a good guy
i’m grateful for all that’ve you done
your my garden you get all my rain, and all of my sun


from Love Magnets, released May 22, 2017




Granata Brooklyn, New York

old man on a porch

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